Delta Golf Open Registration Guide


  • Prior to registering your team, each sponsor must select "new sponsor" and complete the on-line sponsor registration.
  • If a sponsor is registering more than one team, they will receive a sponsor code that must be inserted in any additional teams registration form.
  • Sponsors will be emailed a receipt upon completing the sponsor registration 

 Tee Time Preference

  • Indicate your preference by selecting Fri/Sat afternoons or Sat/Sun mornings.  
  • Optional: Please enter the Delta Golf Open confirmation number of the group you wish to be paired with; this is used if you want to be paired next to another group in regards to tee times (not mandatory).  Each group will receive a confirmation number after submitting the form. Please note, this does not include pairing in regards to housing arrangements.

Reservation Package

  • Select the package for your group. As in the past, one person will enter all the information for their group

 Golfer information

  • All information that is not grayed out must be filled in.  Both the Delta Golf Open and Reunion team will be using this information.  
  • Note, there are several drop down boxes
  • CC Info – The CC information will not be available to the Delta Golf Open Committee.  Only Reunion Reservations department will have access to this information

Non Golfer – If you are bringing someone that will not be golfing, but sharing the same accommodations and attending the food and beverage functions, please list them.  All guests must have an ID badge to enter the breakfast and dinner functions.  Cost is $264.88 per guest.

Additional Information – Use this for any special request (housing location, etc…, but please note that there are no guarantees on these type of request)

Accommodations - Any request for a 6 bedroom house or larger will be granted based on availablity on or around July 1st.

The confirmation number you receive back is only the Delta Golf Open number, Reunion will send out a separate confirmation number for the accommodations.